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  • T-DIN : storm detector
  • G-DIN : propagates GPS signal over copper cables
  • R-DIN : relay control by phone call (typ. modem reset)


SISMOLO-Proto is a digital (serial) seismometer to be connected to the Arduino, BeagleBone, or Raspberry developpement board. Only three wires are required : 5V, ground, and Tx (TTL level).

SISMOLO-Proto can record close or distant earthquakes thaks to the integrated electronic that extends the usefull frequency band from 4.5Hz-40Hz to 0.05Hz(20s)-40Hz.

The developpement board can then be programmed to detect the vibrations related to earthquakes, vehicles (traffic, trains), intrusions intrusions, etc. The seismograms can also be transmitted to a computer to be recorded, plotted, or processed in real time. Here is an sample experience design based on SISMOLO-Proto connected to a bread-board holding a Arduino nano, two LEDs, two resisotors and a buzzer:
SISMOLO-Proto buzzer

See the video of the system here (and below) and check product sheet there.


Finally, here is the schematics and the breadboard view of the deisgn in the above video (the fritzing file is here) :