More than 10 years of experience for your measurements




  • T-DIN : storm detector
  • G-DIN : propagates GPS signal over copper cables
  • R-DIN : relay control by phone call (typ. modem reset)


STANEO SAS is a french company established in 2011. It benefits the experience of its manager who is working for more than 10 years in the measurement and the seismology domains.

2016: STANEO is offically a "Young Innovative Company" (Jeune Entreprise Innovante), acknowledgement of the quality of our R&D

Skills :

  • design and manufacturing of really low power devices
  • high-resolution digitalization (> 140dB)
  • customized data processing (signal processing, data collection, dissemination)
  • really versatile communication capabilities: from Ethernet to IoT (SMS, SIGFOX, LORA...)

We study your needs and propose you the solution !