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  • T-DIN : storm detector
  • G-DIN : propagates GPS signal over copper cables
  • R-DIN : relay control by phone call (typ. modem reset)


D6BB-DIN and D9-DIN are high resolution digitizers designed for fixed seismic stations. The 12 modules wide enclosure can be mounted on standard 35 mm DIN rail.

Numériseurs D6BB-DIN et D9-DIN

Some of the specifications are based on industry standards :

  • 35 mm DIN rail mounting (EN 50022)
  • USB-A and USB-B, and 3.81 mm (0.15") screw terminals connectors
  • 6 (2*3) or 9 channels (3*3) per unit

... and some specifications are not :

  • very high dynamic range : 146 dB
  • universal broad band sensor interface (analog active high or low, digital)
  • GPS daisy chain
  • compact low profile enclosure (12 modules, 210 mm wide)

Easy to integrate :

  • SEEDLink server as a standard feature (v3) : connect to SeisComP without third party plugin
  • SNMP monitoring and control : connect to NAGIOS without third party plugin

Other products : DIN rail products, integrated enclosures.

Mobile station models : D3BB-MOB/D6BB-MOB/D9-MOB.

Download the technical datasheet for more details !