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  • T-DIN : storm detector
  • G-DIN : propagates GPS signal over copper cables
  • R-DIN : relay control by phone call (typ. modem reset)


D3BB-MOB, D6BB-MOB, and D9-MOB digitizers bring togeteher high resolution and low power consumption (146 dB at 100 sps, 700mW for 6 channels at 100 sps), they are designed for mobile seismic stations.

Numériseurs D6BB-MOB et D9-MOB

The station is ready to operate a few 60 seconds after power connection. The LED pannel provides a full health state chek up : external storage filling rate, power supply, GPS health state, GSM/GPRS health state. Even the seismic signals can be checked immediately after pressing the control button.

Fixed station models : D6BB-DIN/D9-DIN.

Download the technical datasheet for more details !