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Update 20210330 - April 23, 2021

The new features of this version are mainly related to the MICRO-CAB system: a compact and versatile integrated system designed for microseismic monitoring applications (geothermal, storage, injection, extraction...).

  • ACC-MEMS accelerometer support
  • dedicated MiniSEED channels for accelerometer battery temperature
  • dedicated MiniSEED channels for T-DIN sensor status and mains presence
  • control to keep the external drive powered and mounted
  • prose in charge of polarity inversion in the sensor configuration
  • first implementation of the input stage calibration (gain and offset)
  • possibility to record system messages, debug messages, triggers and NMEA information in LOG channels
  • support for Quectel modem chipsets (SMS, PPP, network and hardware monitoring)
  • SMART mode for PPP connection (the modem stays connected until it reaches real time, then cycles)
  • Detailed status and configuration of VICTRON MPPT controllers

The firmware can be installed automatically from the scanner interface or downloaded by following this link.