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  • T-DIN : storm detector
  • G-DIN : propagates GPS signal over copper cables
  • R-DIN : relay control by phone call (typ. modem reset)


Vibrato is an integrated seismological observatory. The device is mounted on a bearing wall, connected to the local network (ADSL box, LAN ...) and to the power line. The seismological signal, time stamed using the Internet time (NTP), is displayed on the integrated screen in real time.


Vibrato also includes a web server providing a full and easy access to the data recorded by the station. The seismological observatories are periodically connected for eathquakes lists, and the sesimograms that may present some interest are automatically selected. They can be displayed, saved, filtered etc. by the user thanks to a Java applet. The real time signal can also be displayed in continuous.

The Vibrato station installed in STANEO offices can be connected here:, feel free to visit the station to form your own opinion !

Finally, the signals of each Vibrato station are transferred to the central server automatically and continuously. All the data can be viewed, saved, etc. on the Vibrato central web site:

To learn more about VIBRATO, please check the technical datasheet and connect the central server: