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Micro-seismic monitoring

Solutions that ensure and reassure

The solutions proposed by STANEO ensure the monitoring of micro-earthquakes, whether they are caused (voluntarily or not) or simply triggered by the exploitation of the underground. This is a legal and industrial necessity for the operator, who must demonstrate that the activity does not harm local residents and ensure the sustainability of its operation.
In addition, STANEO's tools provide the basic data to map the flow of fluids, which is a valuable aid in the management and optimisation of operations.

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For this deep geothermal activity located in the Massif Central, the microseismic monitoring proposed by STANEO makes it possible to control the induced or triggered seismicity. Imposed by the public authorities, it aims to reassure third parties and guarantee the low level of risk. The device implemented by STANEO was chosen for its simplicity, autonomy and robustness... as well as its moderate cost, both for purchase and operation.


Sensitive geothermal project, a few months after the Strasbourg incidents. Very great reticence on the part of the public and administrations. Very low acceptability.


Reassurance. Enable the operator to guarantee the low level of risk.


Network of seven MICRO-CABs with real-time transmission based on simple and robust solutions with very low complexity for the operators in charge of the installation. Six sites with shallow well geophones and DW-DIN and one site with geophones + accelerometer for strong movements. The proposed system is fully autonomous, as opposed to a more fragile initial solution.


Dominion Transmission Corporation
Corporation/Magnitude SAS

For this gas storage site located in Pennsylvania (USA), which is particularly isolated and poorly covered by the GSM network, data transmission by satellite is essential. STANEO proposed a monitoring device connected to the satellite installation and powered by solar energy. Carried out within very tight deadlines, this project demonstrated the adaptability of STANEO solutions and the responsiveness of its teams.


Gas storage site located in Pennsylvania.


Poor GSM coverage, environment not conducive to solar energy.


Adapt MICRO-CAB to connect to a satellite router (solar power supply sizing, waterproof RJ45 connection between the communication equipment and the acquisition equipment, energy monitoring of both installations via MICRO-CAB services).

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