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Applications that are close to the data

We design and produce integrated devices for measuring, digitising, processing and transmitting seismic data. Our expertise and the versatility of our equipment allow us to adapt to all types of activity, intervention sites and specific needs.

microseismic monitoring

Solutions that ensure and reassure

As the name suggests, microseismic monitoring is used to detect small movements. It is used in the industrial world.
The main sectors concerned are the storage, injection and extraction of large volumes of hydrocarbons in the underground.

The temporary

Solutions for seeing and knowing

Temporary seismic observation is mainly done by the research community. It may be to measure a sequence of aftershocks following a naturally occurring seismic event, or simply to map a geological object, such as a fault (imaging).


Solutions for detection and prevention

Permanent seismological observation aims to detect earthquakes and tremors of natural origin.

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