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Quick installation, ease of use and high performance


Autonomy made easy

what is it?

STANEO's flagship product, MICRO-CAB combines simplicity, reliability and flexibility. It is an integrated device that performs all the functions ofrecording seismological or micro-seismologicaldata in the field. The system captures the signal on site, transforms this signal into digital data, secures this data on the digitiser and transmits it to the client, in real time or on demand.

What does it look like?

MICRO-CAB consists ofa cabinet protecting the electronic components, a photovoltaic panel connected to a battery via a solar regulator to supply the system with autonomous energy, a small mast to secure the device to the ground, a network of sensors on the ground (supplied or not by STANEO) and of course the central element: the digitiser, not forgetting a GPS receiver to date the signals and a communication module to transmit the data (GSM).


MICRO-CAB is distinguished by its ease of installation (small footprint, no earthworks), and its interoperability with standard data processing and storage tools (no specific protocol or software or fees). From the electrician to the network engineer, all operators can easily intervene according to their specific skills. Finally, the MICRO-CAB supervision portal gathers all the information in a transparent way over the long term, including a diagnostic tool that allows the detection of any deterioration and prevents any failure or loss of measurement. The result is a highly reliable system.

who is it for?

MICRO-CAB's application sectors are numerous:
- gas storage and withdrawal,
- hydrogen storage,
- energy storage in the form of compressed air,
- wasteburial (including dirty water andCO2 from industry),
-extraction of natural gas, hydrocarbons, salts,
- geothermal energy,
- hydraulic fracturing, extraction of rare earths in geothermal fluids...
- and stillseismological observation and monitoring of gravity instabilities.


Proof of interoperability

Our digitizers D6BB-DIN, D9-DIN and D24/D48-DIN are designed to equip fixed seismological stations (permanent observation). They are the ones that equip our MICRO-CAB. They fulfill the same functions and applications, but here, the customer is responsible for the integration of the device.
The main advantage of our DIN scanners is their flexibility of installation and use. The interface is universal, the integration easy, the reliability maximum.


High resolution, low power consumption

Our digitizers D3BB-MOB, D6BB-MOB, D9-MOB and D24/D48-MOB are designed to equip mobile seismological stations (temporary observation). It is a light and waterproof equipment.
Our MOB digitizers are characterized by their high resolution, low power consumption, and quick implementation. A high brightness diode panel allows a check of the digitizer's health (even in full sunlight), and even the visualization of seismological signals.
The MOB series digitizers are used for post-seismic observation, noise measurement prior to the installation of permanent stations or during site effect studies, vibration measurement related to industrial activity (vibrations, explosions...).

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