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The choice of efficiency

The seismic measurement specialist

Are you a technical manager of a hydrocarbon storage operation, a geothermal project manager, an engineer for a monitoring company, a teacher-researcher at the head of a public laboratory?
Does your activity require a specialist in seismic measurement?
STANEO is there for you!

Applications for the field

We design and produce integrated devices for measuring, digitising, processing and transmitting seismic data. Our expertise and the versatility of our equipment allow us to adapt to all types of activity, intervention sites and specific needs.

microseismic monitoring

Solutions that ensure and reassure

The temporary

Solutions for seeing and knowing


Solutions for detection and prevention

Proven and adaptable systems

All our products (fixed or mobile stations) are designed and industrialised in France, but can be deployed anywhere in the world. With us, take the measure of your ambitions!


Autonomy made easy

STANEO's flagship product, MICRO-CAB combines simplicity, reliability and flexibility.
It is an integrated device that performs all the functions of recording seismic or micro-seismic data in the field.
The system collects the signal on site, transforms it into usable digital data, secures it on the digitiser and/or transmits it to the client, instantly or on request.

Emblematic projects and actions

Find the latest news on STANEO's tools and applications integrated into international projects.


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Seismic measurement for protection

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July 23, 2023

Seismic measurement: a key to preventing natural and industrial hazards

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May 12, 2023

A close relationship

STANEO's expertise is based on a relationship of trust, responsibility and transparency. Above all human, our team is recognised for its attentiveness, professionalism and responsiveness beyond the technical installation.
Together, we build a long-term relationship with you.

Confidence-building references

Institutions, industrialists, geothermal service providers, public and private laboratories, in France or abroad, they trust us to carry out their projects. Join them!