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About us

Listening and pragmatism for efficiency

Our company

Founded in 2011 in Toulouse, STANEO is a company specialising in seismic measurement. Its solutions, all designed and industrialised in France, are renowned for their robustness, reliability, accuracy, ease of use and adaptability.
The key word at STANEO is efficiency. When you call on STANEO, you can be sure that you will benefit from a seismic monitoring system that is perfectly adapted to your needs and expectations. Because our expertise is sharp and versatile, because we listen to you, and because as a good integrator, we do not hesitate to call on specialised partners to respond to you on related subjects.

Our philosophy

We believe in scientific progress. We believe in bringing peace of mind to our clients in the course of their activities, whether it be seismic risk prevention, studies and observation or large-scale industrial projects. We believe that progress needs progress. This is why we invest our own funds in R&D, which leads to solutions that you may not have thought of!
STANEO was awarded Young Innovative Company status in 2016, in recognition of the quality of its research and development work. We are passionate, but pragmatic enthusiasts, we think in terms of applications, advances and results.

Our commitment

Our scientific curiosity, our independence of mind and our sense of involvement lead us to propose solutions that are relevant, ergonomic, durable... and for all these reasons extremely competitive. In seismic matters, we know from experience that the most expensive solution is rarely the best! We like to be involved in the design of the network.
For us, a successful partnership is necessarily based on a relationship of trust, listening, proximity, initiative, responsibility and transparency. Our expertise is not only technical, it is human! Our support goes beyond delivery and installation. Our responsiveness is permanent. We are committed to the long term.

Our expertise

All our solutions are designed around three pillars, three simple ideas: the safety of the installation, the efficiency of the data and the comfort of the user. Our efforts are focused on performance. We simplify the work of installers and the monitoring manager as much as possible. By optimising your solution, we optimise your business!
The technologies and materials we use have proven themselves in terms of security, performance, adaptability and precision. The reliability of our devices, which can be continuously diagnosed, is attested to by more than ten years of experience with the most demanding operators: CNRS, CEA, Magnitude (Baker Hughes), INERIS, Myotis...