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Update 20200922 - September 22, 2020

This version brings the following improvements and corrections:

  • it is now possible to modify the parameters via MQTT
  • LPSD type messages are treated like other triggers (SMS, email ...)
  • stationxml: some adjustments (number of coefficients in the definition of FIR, statDate set to 2020/01/01 and correction of the gain value for StageGain for some sensors)
  • calibration: the "dwxeq" calibration can be used for any sensor whose calibration is ordered in active-low, the results are published in the MIB table
  • dataquery : the "END" keyword at the end of the transmission is removed
  • system : some initialization errors of the USB-Eth module are better taken into account

The firmware can be installed automatically from the scanner interface or downloaded by following this link.