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Update 20220408 - April 15, 2022

The evolutions included in this version :

  • GPS: automatic reset of crashed Garmin GPS
  • GPS: update of the gpsd server from 2.39 to 3.23
  • GPS: support for CAM-M8 module and GPS-GSM-DIN module
  • network: support for GPS-GSM-DIN module
  • network: IP firewall based on a white list (iptables)
  • network: the master mode allows to chain two scanners on the same network connection
  • trigger: injection via SNMP and the Command parameter
  • SNMP: rewritten SNMP traps and server (faster and lighter)
  • system: some indicators added (memory/CPU usage, SNMP counter, SEEDLink latency...)
  • setup: new dedicated pages: setup QBitMask and various commands
  • Aux: support for multiple Victron controllers (on USB, Aux0, Aux1)

The firmware can be installed automatically from the scanner interface or downloaded by following this link