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Microseismic monitoring is a crucial element in the world of geothermal energy, CO2 sequestration, and other activities involving the injection or extraction of fluids to or from the subsoil. However, it is often perceived as a mere administrative constraint. Yet microseismic monitoring offers many significant advantages. Find out why it's essential to use this seismic measurement tool, including the solutions offered by STANEO.

Fluid traceability

When injecting fluids, it is essential to track their progress underground. This ensures that they are located in the right places and do not migrate beyond the limits of the planned reservoir. Thanks to the analysis of microseisms, microseismic monitoring, such as that implemented with STANEO tools, can map the movement of fluids, thus ensuring the efficiency and safety of the project.

Preservation of operating assets

Injection and extraction activities rely on pumping equipment at the surface and storage equipment at depth. While the former is relatively simple to control and maintain, the latter is physically inaccessible, making continuous knowledge of the reservoir's condition essential. Rapid detection of leaks and changes in the physico-chemical properties of the medium enable the integrity of the reservoir to be preserved, and operations adapted accordingly.

Anticipation and prevention

The primary objective of microseismic monitoring is to anticipate the response of the subsurface to pressure variations, and to prevent the occurrence of earthquakes perceptible at the surface. Understanding how the reservoir functions makes it possible to distinguish between natural, triggered and induced earthquakes, and to differentiate between the responsibility of nature and that of the operator, while ensuring the safety and peace of mind of local residents.

A multifunctional tool

Microseismic monitoring goes far beyond the simple installation of sensors. It requires specific skills in processing and interpreting the data collected. It is an invaluable tool for operators and local residents alike, providing vital information for the safe and efficient management of underground projects.

To find out more about how microseismic monitoring can improve your project management, contact STANEO. Our expertise in seismic measurement solutions will help you optimize your operations and ensure their safety and compliance.