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At the Plateau d'Albion, STANEO combines innovation and safety to redefine the standards of seismic research. Formerly a military site and part of France's nuclear deterrent force, this unique location in France now offers an exploration ground for advanced technologies. Find out how STANEO is helping to improve seismic research in this exceptional setting.

The unique context of the Plateau d'Albion

Located in Provence, under the Plateau d'Albion, the Laboratoire Souterrain à Bas Bruit (LSBB) in Rustrel is a former key site of the French nuclear deterrent transformed into a research laboratory in 1997. Its kilometers of underground galleries offer an exceptional environment for seismological studies, and it's here that STANEO deploys its expertise.

STANEO's wide range of sensors and systems

For over 10 years, STANEO has set up 15 permanent stations at LSBB, equipped with a variety of sensors such as seismometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, thermometers, barometers and many other instruments, continuously recording signals. This variety of sensors enables us to acquire comprehensive and accurate data.

Advanced solutions for data dating and equipment protection

STANEO not only installed digitizers, but also ancillary equipment adapted to the site's specific environment, ensuring data dating and protecting equipment against surges induced by indirect lightning strikes. Passive storm detectors and fiber-optic-based solutions are just some of the innovations implemented to guarantee safety and accuracy.

Customer satisfaction : STANEO's commitment

STANEO's main objective is to bring satisfaction and peace of mind to its customers, by guaranteeing data reliability and equipment safety. The advanced tools and solutions implemented by STANEO demonstrate the very essence of our commitment to innovation and safety.

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