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In the industrial and natural sector, microseismic measurement is an essential component in ensuring the safety and efficiency of underground operations. STANEO, an expert in this field, offers an advanced solution for geophysicists, making it easier to obtain accurate and reliable information on seismic movements.

Precision first and foremost

STANEO is dedicated to providing measurements of optimum metrological quality to preserve the quality of vibration signals and ensure their accurate and reliable dating. It is essential to maintain the continuity of these measurements over time and to stabilize metrological parameters, while qualifying and quantifying noise levels, uncertainties and sources of disturbance.

Interpretation and application

Microseismic measurement is not simply a matter of collecting data. It's also a valuable interpretation tool. The information extracted, such as the location of sources, calculations of focal mechanisms, and characterization of the energy released, is then interpreted in its context, whether natural or industrial. These interpretations are essential for industrial site operators and local authorities to make informed decisions.

STANEO's commitments 

STANEO is committed to providing measurements that enable geophysicists to work with confidence. STANEO's objectives are clear:

  • Correctly detect events,
  • Ensure that no event is larger than the equipment's normal detection capacity.

STANEO warns users in the event of anomalies, and applies the best of the state-of-the-art in analog and digital electronic design, and software development, to achieve these objectives.

Microseismic measurement is a crucial field, requiring accuracy, reliability and a thorough understanding of underground movements. STANEO, with its commitment to quality and accuracy, is at the forefront of this discipline, enabling safe and efficient interpretation and application of seismic data in a variety of contexts.

Would you like to find out how STANEO's microseismic measurement can revolutionize your geophysical projects? Contact us today for more information!