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In the heart of Pennsylvania's forests, STANEO worked with clients to address specific issues.

Customer issues :

  • Setting up a network of 4 microseismic stations to monitor a gas storage facility in Pennsylvania
  • Ensuring the supply of microseismic equipment and satellite communication equipment (insufficient 3/4G coverage)
  • All of this in a predefined enclosure limited to a few square metres only, imposed by the Pennsylvania Forestry Management Authority.

The solution proposed by STANEO :

STANEO offers MICRO-CAB systems with DW-DIN modules (calibration, expansion) in order to know the status of the sensors at all times and TVS-DIN to protect the equipment from indirect overvoltages in the event of a storm.

The MICRO-CAB cabinets are powered by a 300Wp solar panel on a 130Ah battery.

For the power supply of the satellite communication equipment, STANEO has sized the solar power system on the basis of the technical data sheets: 3 panels of 360W for 540Ah of batteries (in an ad-hoc box!). The 3 panels are mounted on a mast.
The solar equipment was supplied on site by an American partner.

In total, the equipment installed on the surface includes:

  • the microseismic mast (MICRO-CAB box and 300Wp panel)
  • the waterproof box for its 12V/130Ah battery (with its temperature sensor)
  • the 1080Wp solar panel mast of the communication equipment
  • the waterproof box for the 540Ah 24V battery for satellite communication
  • the satellite antenna mast (provided by another partner).

Despite the shadow cast by the satellite antenna (which must point south but cannot be behind the panels...), the system passed its first winter without any problems despite the snow and the cold (-22°C regularly recorded in January-February 2022 on the digitisers' electronic cards).

What we have adapted from our basic MICRO-CAB system:

  • waterproof RJ45 connectors
  • waterproof case for the satellite modem
  • paper-based design of satellite communication feed equipment.